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Weekly Update – Books, Shows & Films

Another week, another update:

What I’ve read, what I’m currently reading & what I’ve added to my TBR pile:

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I’m still listening to the audiobook Verhalen uit de Pits by Jack Plooij (a Dutch book about Formula 1) and I’m still reading Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman (a novel about a young man’s descent into mental illness).
I hope to finish Verhalen uit de Pits in the next couple of days and to have a review up by the end of this week.

As for my TBR pile, I’ve added The Memory Game by Nicci French. I love (psychological) thrillers and I first got into this genre by reading Secret Smile by Nicci French in my teens. I’ve read other thrillers since then (including more by Nicci French), but none of them left as much of an impression on me as Secret Smile did. I’m curious to see if The Memory Game will come close.

What I’ve watched, what I’m currently watching & what I’ve added to my watchlist:


Well, surprise, surprise, I’m still watching Cheers. Nothing new to add there, really. The show’s still fun and Frasier, Lilith, Norm, and Cliff are still my faves.

I’ve finished the first season (at least I hope it’s the first season and there’s more to come next year) of the Dutch show Denkend aan Holland. It was slow television at its finest (light, humorous, and educational), with iconic duo André van Duin and Janny van der Heijden sailing through the Netherlands. This show succeeded in making me want to get on a boat and explore the Dutch nature and culture myself.

I’ve started watching Taboe, a show in which comedian Philippe Geubels takes a trip with people whose lives aren’t always easy, because they’re disabled, suffering from an illness, or being discriminated against.
Geubels and his guests try to find the limits of comedy. Can you laugh with (and make jokes about) someone who has lost a leg, someone who’s suffering from an incurable disease, or someone who’s often being discriminated against because of their sexuality? That’s the central question of this show.
I’m very taken with Taboe. Geubels is a good listener and a funny comedian and the stories of his guests are often pretty powerful, like the gym teacher who jumped on a trampoline, fell, and became paralysed. Shows like this remind you to count your blessings and not take anything for granted.

I’ve also started watching the new season of Expeditie Robinson. Lots of people have been fans of this reality survival show for years (this is the twentieth season), but I only started watching last year. I don’t know all of this year’s contestants, but I do know most (like Rijk Hofman, Tim Coronel, Kim Kötter, and Dionne Slagter). I don’t know who I’m rooting for yet, but I’m curious to see how far superfan Hugo Kennis and oldest contestant Jaap van Deurzen will come.

And on my watchlist is Beau, the new late night talkshow on Dutch tv. Its predecessor RTL Late Night (first hosted by Humberto Tan and later by Twan Huys) didn’t do great (yes, that’s an understatement), but I have high hopes for this one. Host Beau van Erven Dorens is pretty much the only one I can see making a late night talkshow on RTL work at this point. He’s likeable, entertaining, and intelligent and I like that he’s going to take an entirely different approach than his predecessors by getting rid of the giant table and having only a small number of guests each show. It seems he’s taking a more British and/or American approach (like The Graham Norton Show and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) and I think that fits both Beau and RTL, so I guess we’ll see how this turns out.

That’s all, folks! See you next week!

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