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Weekly Update – Books, Shows & Films

What I’ve read, what I’m currently reading & what I’ve added to my TBR pile:


I finally had some time to read last week, so I decided to take Circe by Madeline Miller from my pile. I’m about halfway through at the moment and let me tell you, it’s worth all the praise it has received. Of course, I still have to read the second half, but I have a strong feeling this is headed towards a five star rating.
The book tells the story of Circe, daughter of titan Helios, and it’s absolutely wonderfully told. It’s almost as if Circe is genuinely telling the reader about her adventures herself. As if you’re reading an autobiography.
I’ve always loved mythology and I studied Latin and Greek at secondary school, so I was already aware of the stories told in this book, but that doesn’t ruin the fun at all. Circe brings even more life, power, and emotion to these myths. For example, the tale of Icarus is never not tragic, but it never hit me as hard as it did when I read about it in Circe. And then this bit about Daedalus at the end of that story: “But in a solitary life, there are rare moments when another soul dips near yours, as stars once a year brush the earth. Such a constellation was he to me.” Ouch, my heart.
I have now arrived at the moment in the book that Odysseus enters, so I can’t wait to read on. And I will, of course, write a full review once I’ve finished.

I’ve also added two books to my TBR pile: Riding the Elephant and Mama’s Boy.
Both books are memoirs, the first by comedian, actor, writer, and television host Craig Ferguson and the second by screenwriter, director, producer, and LGBTQ+ rights activist Dustin Lance Black.
Craig’s first memoir American on Purpose is one of my favourite books and I absolutely adore Craig (I even mentioned him and his talkshow in last week’s update), so I’m looking forward to reading his new autobiography.
I didn’t know about Dustin Lance Black’s existence before he walked into Tom Daley’s life years ago. I think Lance is a brilliant storyteller and I like his sense of humour whenever he appears in Tom’s videos, so I’m quite curious about his memoir.

What I’ve watched, what I’m currently watching & what I’ve added to my watchlist:

Untitled 1.jpg

I caught up with the first three episodes of the new season of Nick & Simon, The Dream. It’s a Dutch reality show in which duo Nick and Simon (singers) go on a musical roadtrip with their friend (and manager on this occasion) Kees.
I love the mix of music, culture / travel, and humour in this show and it’s great to see such genuine friendship between these three men who’ve known each other since they were children.

I’ve also rewatched some episodes of Are You Being Served? just to unwind. It’s such a funny feel-good show and it’s one of those comedies that’s still hilarious decades later. If you ever need a breather and a good laugh, watch the episodes German Week, The Club, and The Apartment.

An addition to my watchlist is The Good Doctor. I’ve heard great things about it from family members who watch it and I also discovered it’s created by David Shore, who also created one of my all-time favourite television shows House M.D. So I guess I should give The Good Doctor a try too.

And that’s all for this week’s update. Until next time!

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