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Top 10 Harry Potter / Fantastic Beasts Funko Pops that need to be made

I recently started collecting Funko Pops and although there are quite a few Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Pops to choose from, I still feel some Pops need to be added. So here’s my top 10 of Harry Potter / Fantastic Beasts Funko Pops that need to be made:

10. Credence Barebone


There’s a Seraphina Pop, but no Credence? What is this madness? Credence was such a good character in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and given the fact that he’ll be back in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald I think it’s only right to make a Credence Pop.

9. Gilderoy Lockhart


Lockhart isn’t one of my favourite characters, but I do think he’d make for a good Pop with his extravagant robes and his wavy golden blonde hair.

8. Jacob Kowalski


There’s already a Jacob Pop, but that one is wearing the armour to protect him from the Erumpent. It would be nice to get one that shows his hair and suit.

7. Tom Riddle


It would be fun to get a Pop of a dark-haired, young Voldemort wearing Slytherin robes (and with a nose!).

6. Horace Slughorn


Like Lockhart, Slughorn isn’t one of my favourite characters, but I just think he’d make for a good Pop because of the way he looks in the films.

5. Molly and Arthur Weasley


Obviously these two need to be made into Pops! Does this even need an explanation?

4. Remus Lupin


Remus is my favourite character (he’s in shared first place with Dumbledore), so I think that if Harry deserves to be made into a million different Pops (holding the prophecy, holding the Marauder’s Map, in Quidditch robes, in his Christmas sweater, and so on, and so on), Remus deserves to be made not only into a Prisoner of Azkaban Pop and a werewolf Pop, but also into one that looks the way Remus did in Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows. I love his clothes and beard in those films (and let’s be honest, that moustache he had in Prisoner of Azkaban was a bit silly).

3. Young Albus Dumbledore


I can’t wait for the Pops that will be made for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Jude Law looked amazing as young professor Dumbledore in the trailer and I really hope he will be made into a Pop.

2. Neville with Gryffindor’s sword


Just a Pop of Neville holding his toad is not enough. There also needs to be a Pop of Neville’s most badass moment: wielding the sword of Gryffindor to kill Nagini.

1. Nymphadora Tonks


*Takes a calming breath* I cannot believe there is still no Tonks Pop. So many different Harry ones and not one Tonks. She is such a cool character and would look so great as a Pop! And I’m pretty sure Remus is having a good time with the other Pops on my shelf, but he also needs his wife!

2 gedachten over “Top 10 Harry Potter / Fantastic Beasts Funko Pops that need to be made

  1. I can’t believe Molly, Arthur and Tonks don’t have any Pops yet! I mean they’re important and popular characters? Then again it took ages for Ginny to get one as well… meanwhile we did get a Dementor one lol I definitely need these three!

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    1. I can’t believe that either! There are literally 13 different Harry Pops, but no Molly, Arthur and Tonks. What even is that about? And Tonks would make a really cute/funny Pop too with her pink hair and possibly a duckface or a pig snout.

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